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Gut health & making the switch to non toxic...

Oh hello!  

Aside from the free content I post online, these are the all the ways I can help you.  There are two program offers where I am your personal holistic nutrition guide  for a full 4 weeks (and beyond if you're doing the Gut Reset).  

If you're dealing with chronic inflammation and anything like, constant fatigue, bloating, low mood / depression, brain fog, joint aches & pains then I strongly recommend the Full Gut Reset Program.  


The Healthy Habits Program features some of my favourite core gut health products but is not a full reset.  It's perfect for those that are wanting to improve their health without committing to the full reset.

With both of the programs / supplement packs you have access to my one to one Nutrition Coaching & free community group with wellness professionals.

Toxins in our beauty products contribute to chronic inflammation & poor gut health.  I have seen vast health benefits switching to a non toxic brand and have included a link to my online shop so you can browse non toxic skincare & make up.

Full Gut Reset

This helps to identify trigger foods, you'll remove gluten / dairy / soy / refined sugars / alcohol / coffees & teas for 28 days. You'll make amazing whole food meals working around the above and include gut supporting supplements. By the end of the 28 Days we work on reintroducing the food groups, you will get clear feedback as to what is working for you and what isn't.  Your investment is your nutrition pack and I do not charge for my coaching services with this program. Drop me a message on instagram or by email to find out current supplement offers.

Buy your 5 pc supplement pack


Buy your 10 pc supplement pack


Healthy Habits Program

You'll start the day with a healthy whole food smoothie, probiotics, Superfood Greens shot and energise with botanical sources of caffeine. In this program the focus is on small sustainable swaps with a flexible approach to avoiding inflammatory foods.

Buy your 5 pc supplement pack


Buy your 10 pc supplement pack


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Your gut health is the foundation for optimal overall health & wellbeing.

It houses 70% of your immune system.

As Hippocrates said "all disease begins in the gut."

In this day and age we are up against so many more toxins than ever before, the beauty industry still formulates with known endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and other toxic ingredients.  Our skin is our largest and most permeable organ so what we put on our skin is not only absorbed very quickly but also has the power to upset the gut microbiome.

Your gut & your body will thank you for making the switch to non toxic.

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