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The two Health Programs

Information on the two health programs that I can coach you through. All this information can be found on my Instagram but if you don't have an account for whatever reason - leaving this here for you!

Lots of you can relate to my health issues and if that's you, I really advise the full 30 Day Gut Reset. If you've been dealing with lots of gut related issues - brain fog / low mood, aches + pains, bloating, fatigue or skin problems this can indicate that you have an imbalance in the gut. This plan will help you to see if any of the foods you're eating are contributing to those symptoms. The Healthy Habits is more flexible and is for someone that is looking to feel more vibrant & healthy without all the above issues. This would be ideal for someone who wants do get on track with a more healthy diet but doesn't necessarily need the full reset.

With both programs you have the option to take a 6 or 10 supplement pack depending on your budget. The larger pack allows you to carry on with your healthy journey for longer and is better value but you can still do either program with both options. Take a look at the below infographics and choose what's right for you! When you're ready to go, get in touch with me and let's get you started.

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