I'm Corinne Shields 

I am a certified Food Matters Institute Nutrition Coach & I own a wellness product franchise. I was inspired to pivot from hairdressing to helping people with their gut health via my programs after my own health issues stopped me from being able to work.


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Obsessed with helping you with your gut health after it transformed my health...

I started my Online Business, Nutrition Coaching & Social Marketing / E-commerce when a Gut Health Program literally transformed my health.  At the time I was a chronically sick ex. hairdresser and musician that really had lost all hope for any good future in terms of my career.  I'd lived with brain fog & depression for years as a result of all the chronic inflammation in my body and when gut health was the missing link I needed, I ran with the excitement of sharing this wonderful gift with the world.  

Since 2015 health challenges had completely flipped my life upside down, I lost a career I worked very hard to train for and also had extreme lack of self esteem feeling my body was failing on me. For a more detailed insight into what I've come through read

My Health Story. I managed to heal chronic inflammation holistically which motivated me to study and also guide others that are in the same position I was. I am a certified Nutrition Coach, Life Coach, Meditation Facilitator & I trained in Pilates. I love to empower women to understand the impact that nutrition, environmental toxins, purpose & mindset have on health in all forms - physical, mental & spiritual. Unfortunately women have been dealt the short straw when it comes to health, only recently included in medical study and often experience gaslighting in medical appointments. I know that story all too well and I hope to be your biggest holistic wellness ally! If you've found yourself here because you're dealing with anything similar to what I've been through, I've put together my Holistic Health Blog as a free resource.

I partner with a B Corp wellness brand, recommending their science backed and 3rd party tested products with my clients and within the gut health programs available. The supplements market is unregulated so a company that values external testing is important to me. I've helped plenty of women (and a few men!) improve their gut health, who like me felt like they weren't getting any conclusive answers or seeing any improvements with their symptoms. If you're in need of some help with any of the following; bloating, brain fog, low mood / anxiety, joint pain, irregular bowel movements, skin rashes / acne or low energy I'd love to chat about whether one of my programs could work for you.

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Lots and lots of love & health / happiness,
Corinne x



Oats with toppings

Vicky, Copywriting / PR

I felt energised and didn't have the constant cravings for food or the emotional crashes I'd get from sugar.  Corinne is just a wonderful coach and so passionate about what she does.

Healthy Food

Kerry, Kiniesiologist

Wow! The 30 Day Program brought me great results, feeling slimmer and better with a massive reduction in inflammation around my middle. The smoothies are delicious and I found I had no alcohol cravings which is unlike me!

Acai Bowl

Hazel, Music Industry 

I am so thankful to have done the 30 Day Program.  I have multiple food intolerances that I struggle to keep under control but now my belly has never been so settled and happy.




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